We have one goal for our clients: to deliver results.

That dogged approach is why Bloomberg Businessweek calls the Podesta Group a "Beltway Blackbelt," and why our hardworking bipartisan team is consistently named among the very best.

Since 1987, the Podesta Group has provided organizations with superior strategic counsel, combined with ingenuity that is unique in Washington. With bicameral reach that touches 535 members and their offices, we work with Capitol Hill policymakers, recruit third-party allies, connect with the media and build coalitions to move our clients' agendas - in short, we know how to get things done.

No matter the issue, we understand the politics and publicity that determine our clients' fate in Washington. As a full-service, independently owned firm, our client teams integrate strategic communications with policy and political smarts to ensure that our messaging and our approach are informed not only by the letter of the law, but with the triggers that galvanize action. Representing small startups and Fortune 500s, trade associations and non-profits, we understand that a range of issues affects our clients. And from Dodd-Frank to the ACA, we’ve assisted our clients in navigating the most dramatic, far-reaching and consequential legislation of the past three decades.

We have enlisted former communications directors, executive directors of congressional caucuses, ambassadors, secretaries of state, chiefs of staff and presidential appointees. Our principals have been tapped by Republican and Democratic administrations to serve at the highest levels of government and know how to push our clients’ priorities forward within the executive branch. We know the governors of all 50 states and understand how a strategy back home can affect results in Washington. And we recruit allies from left- and right-leaning think tanks and advocacy and consumer groups to validate our clients’ messages and build an echo chamber of support.

We like to win. And to do so, we not only provide the right intelligence, relationships and strategic support, we walk the halls and craft the language that changes policy outcomes and increases bottom lines.


  • Decision-maker influence
  • Policy analysis & message development
  • Bipartisan stakeholder mapping & engagement
  • Legislative & regulatory strategy
  • Crisis management
  • Coalition building & ally recruitment
  • 50-state deployment


  • Agriculture
  • Budget & appropriations
  • Business to government
  • Education
  • Energy & environment
  • Financial services
  • Government reform & regulation
  • Health Care
  • National security & defense
  • Tax Policy
  • Technology & telecommunications
  • Transportation