Too many still separate international policy from Washington politics – we know better.

The two are intertwined, and we have a unique understanding of where one begins and where the other ends.

Soundly positioned at the intersection of trade, economics, politics and diplomacy, PG Global integrates political, diplomatic, business, data and analytics, PR and leading-edge digital strategies to shepherd sovereign governments, embassies, international entrepreneurs and Fortune 500 corporations through the increasingly complex geopolitical and economic landscape.

Whether seeking to engage State Department officials or the foreign relations committees of the US Congress, enter new markets in Latin America, or gauge political risk in Africa, PG Global knows where to go, who to talk to and what makes them listen.

Our team was recruited from the halls of Congress, the State Department, the press, the diplomatic corps, international law firms, and think tanks. We know the issues that make or break international engagement.

Champions of invention, adversaries of imitation, PG Global has the right set of relationships, experience, tools, political and cultural acumen, and vision necessary for crafting winning strategies around the globe.

This is the PG Global edge that organizations have come to rely on.


  • Foreign sovereign representation
  • Multilateral, multinational engagement
  • Risk analysis and market entry
  • Global communications
  • Foreign policy & national security
  • Trade & regulation
  • Reputation management
  • Foreign direct investment
  • Strategic advisory