Kimberley Fritts | CEO

Kimberley Fritts | CEO

  • Indianola, MS
  • BA, The George Washington University
  • Political Strategy, Campaign and Coalition Management, Strategic Counsel

As CEO of the Podesta Group, Kimberley Fritts oversees day to day affairs for what The New York Times calls “one of Washington’s biggest players.” For more than a decade, she and her Podesta Group team have been developing inventive political and legislative strategies that position clients for success. Under Kimberley’s smart leadership, the Podesta Group has undergone a meteoric rise to becoming one of Washington’s top lobbying firms, according to The Washington Post, Fortune, Legal Times, Roll Call and The Hill. And it comes as no surprise to all who know her that the Podesta Group was recently dubbed “a king of K Street” by POLITICO.

Since joining the firm more than fifteen years ago, Kimberley has steadily built one of the most dynamic and diverse teams in town with a hands-on management style that delivers results. With Kimberley at the helm, it’s no wonder that the Podesta Group has been named among Business Week’s “Uber-influencers”, and why a growing number of corporations, trade associations, non-profit organizations, local municipalities and international entities are turning to the Podesta Group to help them achieve their policy goals.

Kimberley first cut her teeth at the firm in 1995, when she led the coalition responsible for creating the TV content ratings system. Bringing together 26 moguls from across the entertainment industry, the White House, trade associations and other third party interests, Kimberley led the unprecedented charge to produce a system of guidelines that today arms parents with clear information about the content and age-appropriateness of the programs their children are watching.

A veteran GOP political operative, Kimberley is the former Southern Political Director for the Republican National Committee and a fixture in Republican politics. As the firm’s point person on politics in the Southeastern US, she continues to tap her venerable experience to benefit the firm’s impressive roster of clients. Earning her many stripes on the trail, Kimberley’s extensive campaign experience includes serving as deputy campaign manager for former Governor Jeb Bush (R-FL) and as political director for former Senator Connie Mack (R-FL).

In addition to facilitating outreach to Republican leadership, Kimberley is closely involved in coalition building and management activities. Whether heading up federal government relations campaigns or developing local political strategies, time and again Kimberley brings her formidable experience and Washington, DC savvy to bear on behalf of the firm’s clients. A true southerner, with those to-die-for cooking skills to boot, Kimberley hails from Mississippi and maintains close ties to the Mississippi delegation. Abandoning her southern roots to attend The George Washington University where she received her bachelor's, Kimberley has been a Washingtonian ever since. She has served on the Board of Trustees for Florida House, a position appointed by the governor.