Government Reform & Regulation

Bloomberg TV taps PG's David Marin to discuss what Romney must achieve with his convention speech and what businesses need to hear about economic growth policy.


Podesta Group's Senior Adviser, Sally Katzen, discusses possible government shutdown on CNN Newsroom with Don Lemon.

President Obama's directive to federal agencies to identify ways to improve federal contracting comes amidst the significant challenges of promptly and effectively implementing the stimulus package and balancing the competing pressures and controversies surrounding congressional spending priorities.

Some immediate actions can be taken to ensure that the stimulus dollars are responsibly and well spent even as broader initiatives to improve the efficiency and performance of government are pursued.

In the aftermath of the 2010 congressional elections, President Obama hit the reset button on regulatory policy, announcing a government-wide review of federal rules — from those already on the books to those in the works.
Now, with the 2012 election campaign underway, companies and other concerned organizations have a unique opportunity to hit the send button on their recommendations for regulatory reforms.

For those who want to write the premature obituary to the House and Senate Appropriations Committees, let me say that from agriculture to foreign policy, and from defense spending to greenhouse gas emissions, these committees will have their hands in most of the major policy fights of the 112th Congress. With spending earmarks off the table for the time being, regulatory action may become the new earmark.

As his presidency reaches the halfway point, President Obama faces a complex economic and political landscape. And in turn, the business community faces a rapidly evolving regulatory world. Organizations must be nimble and armed with the most sophisticated intelligence available in order to move forward strategically and productively in this ever-changing environment.

So, you need to influence federal budgetary policy to secure funding for a program.  But earmarks are out (at least that’s what they’re telling you), and you need to find a way to still effectively do your job.

According to John Scofield of the Podesta Group, “Regulations are the new earmarks.” 

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Today, the Census Bureau announced how 435 House seats will be apportioned among the states for the next decade when it released the first results from the once-in-a-decade government count. As data from the 2010 census is scheduled to be released in the coming months, states will begin the controversial process of redrawing congressional district lines, which means businesses need to begin bracing for change. The census data is used for geographically defining state legislative districts, or “redistricting”.

The tax deal of December should give everyone a preview of politics to come in 2011.