Introducing New World Leaders to American Audiences and Strengthening their Ties to the US

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A key American ally in an unsettled part of the world was struggling with domestic challenges and being buffeted by occasional bad press. The country and its leaders wanted to deepen their ties to the United States and burnish their reputations.


We revamped the country’s messaging to highlight its close relations with the United States and pinpoint areas where the policies and interests of the two countries were in alignment. We worked with the prime minister, foreign minister and ambassador to draft and place op-eds that reinforced this messaging in major newspapers across the country. We conducted media training with the ambassador, introduced him to a wide range of reporters and editors, think tankers and other thought leaders, built an effective social media campaign that relied upon a full suite of tactics, and branded him as the face of his country in the United States. When his country elected a new head of government, we helped roll him out to the media with an exclusive interview on a major international TV show and a roundtable interview with the New York Times, Washington Post, Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg, Reuters and Associated Press.


The country has raised awareness of the tremendous challenges it faces and the extraordinary steps it is taking to confront them. In doing so, it has strengthened its relations with the United States, particularly with US lawmakers and the administration. The ambassador is a highly-sought spokesman for his country and pays a key role in shaping more favorable coverage. The media is presenting more balanced and nuanced stories about the country, its government and progress, which have been essential ingredients in strengthening bilateral relations.