Advancing Social Agendas

  • Public Relations


A top rated cable television network came to the Podesta Group seeking to enhance its brand among Washington opinion leaders and policymakers by raising visibility for its newly created social responsibility campaign celebrating the diversity of American character and combating social injustice. Their goal was to generate buzz inside the Beltway that their existing promotion efforts were unable to do.


Devise and produce high-level events in Washington, DC, including a high profile summit at the Newseum, that challenge the nation and policymakers to be more inclusive and find lower-volume ways to resolve differences.  Recruit third party groups to participate in an advisory board to assist the campaign in refining its goals and furthering its agenda.


The Podesta Group brought together a panel of nationally recognized leaders from academia, Capitol Hill, the media, non-governmental agencies, corporate America and Hollywood celebrities for a policy forum moderated by Tom Brokaw in Washington, DC to shine a light on the national debate. Press coverage of the event made all the major DC newspapers including The Washington Post, Politico, Roll Call and the National Journal. New relationships with lawmakers, NGOs, and high level media were forged for the cable channel and its parent company that netted the addition of several 3rd party groups to the network’s new advisory board.