Out of Africa: Travel Log from a PG Client Road Trip

PG's John Anderson and Erin Billings Journey to Rwanda on Day Six

Photos courtesy of Ryder Haske.

We spent Day Six of our nine-day Africa trip in Rwanda – a country that most Americans are familiar with only because of the genocide here in 1994 that killed about 800,000 people. Much of the country is primitive and poor: Per capita income is just $1,150.

Today, we drove for about one and a half hours over bone-jolting, mountainous roads to a factory that our client built on a lush hilltop. The factory employs more than 800 people from surrounding villages, and it brought electricity to the area for the first time ever 15 months ago. That has transformed people’s lives—providing lights for children to study at night, TVs that bring the modern world into their homes and cell phone towers that deliver phone service for the first time. It’s going to give us great video and pictures for the client’s new website!

The scenery is breathtaking, the people are extraordinarily friendly and generous, and the local beers are delicious. Everything is great except for the snake Erin found in her shower this morning.

On to Burundi!

John and Erin