July 2011

The Changing Landscape of Communications: Four Corners for a Strong Foundation

Political campaign managers used to say that half of the tactics they tried were useful – the problem was that they never knew which half. That was before exit polls, online surveys and focus groups. Today’s communicators – whether  pushing policies, products or people – have more accurate and sophisticated tools than ever before to measure the success of their efforts. And it’s not just the means of measurement that have advanced, but the entire landscape for communication. 

Transportation Reauthorization: Stuck in the Muck

When it comes to transportation authorization, lately another day on the Hill feels more like an afternoon on I-495 – jammed. But with businesses, labor and local governments clamoring for action, Congress is facing inflated pressure to get something done, with deflated funds to do so and in an increasingly gridlocked environment. Given this dilemma, now, more than ever, organizations dependent upon the revenues and jobs generated by this legislation are wise to get in strategic gear to try to gain real traction in the ongoing debate.

The Return of CFIUS (Again)

In the midst of terrorist threats, financial crises and political infighting in this country, “foreign ownership” of American companies whose products or services raise national security concerns is becoming an emotionally charged issue.

That’s why overseas investors -- and the domestic companies in which they invest -- need erudite assistance in navigating the little-known federal committee that is responsible for reviewing potential foreign investments in the US.