January 2011


Lobbying in the 112th: The Budget and Appropriations Process

So, you need to influence federal budgetary policy to secure funding for a program.  But earmarks are out (at least that’s what they’re telling you), and you need to find a way to still effectively do your job.

According to John Scofield of the Podesta Group, “Regulations are the new earmarks.” 

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Political Puzzle Solving: Redistricting the Pieces

Today, the Census Bureau announced how 435 House seats will be apportioned among the states for the next decade when it released the first results from the once-in-a-decade government count. As data from the 2010 census is scheduled to be released in the coming months, states will begin the controversial process of redrawing congressional district lines, which means businesses need to begin bracing for change. The census data is used for geographically defining state legislative districts, or “redistricting”.

Inside the Obama Tax Compromise: What You Should Know

The tax deal of December should give everyone a preview of politics to come in 2011.

Winter Weather Outlook: Federal Budget Forecast Sure to be Stormy

Having trouble sleeping? There’s nothing like a good discussion about the federal budget to cure the most serious case of insomnia. But that may change in the coming months, as the new landscape of the 112th Congress begins to shape the budget debate. In fact, the coming budget battles may just keep you up all night.


Arena Profile: David Marin

President Barack Obama will give his State of the Union address this Tuesday, Jan. 25. What's the one big idea that he should emphasize in his speech?

David Marin, Republican strategist:


GOP Hunts ‘Job-killing’ Rules

House Republicans are leaving no doubt that their outreach to the business community is part of a larger push to portray the White House and congressional Democrats as the framers of a job-killing regulatory environment.

Rep. Darrell Issa (R-Calif.), incoming chairman of the Oversight and Government Reform Committee, has blanketed the business community with letters asking business leaders what regulations they believe hamper job growth. 

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